How to Fix Vipre Antivirus Premium Firewall Error?

Vipre Antivirus firewall is developed to scan every bit of data coming to the computer or going out of the computer are checked and for attackers it will work as a shield to protect computer and personal data. In general after installing firewall from Vipre windows firewall will be disabled and then Vipre firewall will protect computer from external attack.

If you are not able to fix Vipre 2018 firewall error you can read blog to Fix Vipre 2018 Firewall Error in Windows 10. But to fix Viper premium firewall error you can read steps listed below by certified experts to solve the problem in Vipre firewall.

Fix Vipre Firewall Status Error

Steps to Fix Vipre Antivirus Premium Firewall Error:


Step1: Press windows button and in search bar type firewall.

Step2: Open the first entry named after windows firewall.

Step3: Press on manage tab and press firewall option.

Step4: Toggle status button to off in the panel close the tab and restart system.


Step1: Press windows button and type cmd in search box.

Step2: Right click on first entry and run it as administrator.

Step3: Type command sc query sbfw and press enter to execute.

Step4: Now type commands as shown below and press enter after entering each command.

  • sc start sbfw.
  • sc start sbwfw.

Step5: Repeat step3 of method2 and restart the computer.


Step1: Double click Vipre business console and Right click agents policy.

Step2: Click on properties and click on firewall to expand settings.

Step3: Choose basic firewall option and uncheck log packets to unopened ports.

Step4: Click on apply button and press ok button.

Call Vipre Support Number +1-844-706-6636 to Fix Vipre Antivirus Firewall Error

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