How to Fix Vipre Not Showing in System Tray Issue?

This error generally occurs once in a week for maximum number of users and simple step to fix is restart three to four times and the system tray. Keep your system and software up to date to avoid any kind of error and make sure all the files must be at their original location there may be an error seen when the registry of the Vipre antivirus are corrupted.

If you want to know how to set manual scan in Vipre antivirus read our last blog post to set manual scan in Vipre antivirus read now how to manually scan with Vipre antivirus. But if the Vipre not showing in system tray icon you can read below mentioned methods and follow step by step instructions.

Vipre Antivirus Scheduled Scan Not Working

Steps to Fix Vipre Icon Not Showing In System Tray:


Step1: Open c drive followed by program files after that advanced monitoring agent and double click on managedAV.

Step2: Now search for sbamui.exe and open the executable files.

Step3: Now click on green check box for updates.

Step4: Antivirus will automatically find for available updates and install them.


Step1: Browse official site for the latest version of Vipre antivirus.

Step2: Download it to easily accessible location such as desktop.

Step3: Open command prompt and navigate to the location mentioned in step1 method1.

Step4: Now type command SBAMCommandLineScanner.exe /applydefs C:\desktop\filename.sbr.sgn here filename would be the name of downloaded file and press enter after entering command.

Step5: After installing restart the computer and check Vipre icon not showing in system tray is resolved.

Call Vipre Support Number +1-844-706-6636 to fix Vipre Not Showing in System Tray Error

You can avoid various Vipre errors by keeping your system and your Antivirus updated with latest available versions. All problems can be treated easily by selecting complete installation and right process to update or upgrade Vipre antivirus. If after following complete procedure you are not able to fix Vipre icon not showing in tray you can contact Vipre internet security number +1-844-706-6636 toll free round the clock.

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