How to Fix Vipre Registration Error Due to Internet Connection Issue?

Vipre antivirus unable to register due to an error is mainly caused due to non-connectivity of internet on your system. When you face such issue an error message comes “VIPRE was unable to register due to an error. Check your internet connection”.

Though, the error can also come due to network configuration related problem so you need to go through a right troubleshooting process to fix this issue and register your Vipre on your system to allow it work without any issue and keep your system protected from virus threats. If you want to know the right registration process read our blog How to Register Vipre Antivirus on Your Computer and to fix Vipre Registration Error find the right steps given below.

Fix Vipre Registration Error

Steps to Fix Vipre Internet Security Registration Error:

Step1: Check Internet Options for Proxy settings and make sure there is a check mark in automatically detect settings and try to register Vipre again.

Step2: If again failed now check the DNS configuration of your LAN Properties make sure Obtain and IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically are selected on your computer. Now again you can try to register Vipre or follow the next step.

Step3: If problem remains the same check the host file configuration that should be like ADD PIC HERE if not like same you need to contact network administration or call Vipre technical support or you can navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc and delete the hosts file.

Step4: If the last step was not effective, check the proxy configuration for WinHTTP Api, if the If the returned information is different, like or any difference of this, there is a proxy configuration on the WinHTTPSettings that you need to reset.

Step5: If you are behind proxy and it needs to be configured in VIPRE with the help of an expert. To configure proxy open VIPRE click Manage>Updates> Proxy for Updates> check mark on the boxUse a Proxy and Password box and Enter the required information.

Step6: The next step conflicting of Antivirus can sometimes contain such things that interrupt other applications attempts to communicate through the internet. Here you need to check the leftovers from other antivirus software and remove such remnants completely from your PC.

Apart from these crucial steps, there could be more steps to fix Vipre antivirus registration error, but despite these troubleshooting processes if your problem is not solved, it’s better to call Vipre 2018 customer service phone number and get online help by certified technicians to fix such issues with right solution and keep Vipre antivirus protection active on your system and protect your from virus threats.

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