How to Manually Uninstall Vipre Business Agent?

Manual removal of any software or services is done on that state when each and every procedure is not working. Manual procedure must be followed till the last level as even a single file can create some issues if not treated well.

If you are facing any error while installing Viper antivirus you can read our blog post How to fix Vipre antivirus installation error. But below are the methods to manually remove Vipre Business Agent.

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Steps to Uninstall Vipre Business Agent Manually:


Step1: Press windows and R at the same time.

Step2: In command prompt type following command and press enter “MsiExec.exe /x {GUID} /qf /l*v "%temp%\VIPRE_MsiUninstall.log" REMOVE=ALL”.

Step3: After completion restart the computer and check if the issue is resolved.


Step1: Stop Vipre business site services.

Step2: Press windows button and type command.

Step3: Right clicks on first entry and run as Administrator.

Step4: In command prompt type following commands and press enter after entering each command.

  • (On and after Version 5): sc delete "VIPRE Business Service".
  • (On and before Version 4): sc delete "Sunbelt Software Enterprise Service".

Step5: Now press control + shift + esc it will open task manager.

Step6: Select process tab and end task “polipo” if found in process.


Step1: Press windows and R and type regedit.exe.

Step2: Now open HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ and delete all the entries found with the name of Vipre Business.

Step3: Search for sunbelt software entry and delete entries in it.

Step4: In common window search Vipre Business and delete every folder and file found associated to it.

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