How to Solve VIPRE Business False Positive Issues?

False Positive is the term used for Antivirus users representing Legitimate File as a threat available for their computer. This kind of threats needs to be validated by the Threat Track Security and whitelisting to get the right information and stay protected from such threats.

Actually, it is not clear that whether the threat is legitimate or not but it can be submitted to Virus Total Tool for the confirmation. Here you will get to know how to resolve false positive issues in VIPRE Antivirus with the right proses suggested by the experts.

Restore the file and submit to Virus Total Security

Here to do this action you have to follow few steps discussed below:

Step1: Open the Vipre Business Console and disable the active protection for the policy affecting by this. And to do this, go to Active Protection, enable active protection and apply the change before selecting OK.

Step2: Navigate to the Quarantine and right-click the false positive to select the “Unquarantine Threat” and then choose the policies before clicking Ok.

Step3: Navigate and select “Choose File and select the last unquarantined file then allow the scan to finish the process.

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Detected File is a Legitimate Threat

Antivirus software reporting malicious file also like a Legitimate Threat, find below the process how to carry out this process.

Step1: Here, first you need to enable the Active protection by opening the policy properties where you have to navigate to the active protection button and check right to enable the active protection before applying and pressing OK button.

Step2: Now delete the entire previously unquarantined file and run the Deep scan using Vipre Business Agent to confirm the system is disinfected or become virus-free. Despite this if you find the same threat then contact Vipre antivirus support for online help.

Vipre Detected File is a False Positive

Using Vipre Internet Security you can find and report malicious files on your computer. Here again you need to follow few steps for detecting False Positive files.

Step1: Here you need to add exceptions in Vipre Business. Add a File Exclusion for detected file, enable active protection, open policy properties and go to the Active Protection tab.

Step2: Check box the option “Enable Active Protection and apply the changes before pressing OK. If you need help call at Vipre customer support phone number for online help to solve vipre issues.

Step3: Now open the Vipre Antivirus site and submit the false positive report direct to the support team by filling the False Positive Form who will analyze the threat personally and suggest best solution to avoid such issues on your computer.

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